Glenn Rawdon's Speech at the White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice

August 1, 2014

On April 8th, Glenn Rawdon, TIG Program Counsel, spoke at the White House Forum on Increasing Access to Justice.
Glenn’s speech built off of ideas Bill Gates presented 15 years ago on how the convergence of key technologies would transform the way we live and work. This convergence concept fits nicely into our current access to justice framework, where technology initiatives have matured and become essential to service delivery, and  where “senior government officials, Judges, Bar Presidents, Law School Deans, law firm leaders, corporate general counsel, and a host of others are all striving for the same goal, access to justice for everyone."
LSC’s Report of The Summit on the Use of Technology to Expand Access to Justice focused on several key strategies – highlighted in Glenn's speech – to increase access. These strategies include the development of unifying statewide legal portals – client-facing web applications that use “an automated triage process to direct persons to the most appropriate form of legal assistance and to guide them through the process.”
As Richard Zorza notes, the speech was about more than just technology tools. It was about rethinking how technology allows civil legal aid to meet its mission. Ultimately, it’s a call to action for key players to come together to support the development and effective utilization of a system that leverages technology to provide “some form of effective assistance” to those who cannot otherwise afford it.
The TIG team congratulates Glenn on his great speech. As always, we look forward to continuing the discussion of technology’s role in improving civil legal aid for low-income Americans.